Opening Day is tomorrow!

Please read through this entire email there is a lot of important and exciting news contained in here.  I will touch on some new features in our membership software, how to book parties, how to bring guests and how to make purchases at the snack shack, as well as swim tests.

Opening Day is Saturday, May 14th, the pool opens at noon. There is a meet the board event at 5pm with ice cream, and a swim team meeting at 6pm.  The pool calendar can be found on the website with open times and days, we are only open weekends until after Memorial Day at which point we will be open 6-9 until school is out.

Making Purchases (Snack Shack and guest passes)
We are continuing to be cashless at the club.  We are excited that our new MemberSplash system allows us the option of Bill to Account.  When you (or your children) go to the Snack Shack you will choose what you want to purchase and it will be added to your account.  Bills will be processed on the 1st and 15th of the month and you can log in to pay them with a card.  Parents can let us know through the account update form if you would like to put a note on your account limiting how much your child can purchase a day or if you want them to have a parent present to make purchases.  We will be requiring pictures for everyone starting June 1 so we can be sure that the child matches the account.  Guest passes can be purchased in advance in books of 10 or guests can be added to your account billing.  Please upload a picture to your account for each family member, pictures will be required after June 1 and can be taken in the office at a non busy time if you can’t upload one.

All guest passes have been added to accounts from the old system and from clean up weekend. Anyone with a balance on a snack card will have that balance applied to their snack shack purchases first.

Parties of more than 10
Owners can bring in up to 10 guests at a time.  If you plan to have more than 10 guest you will need to book an Open Swim Party.  Instructions for doing that can be found here.  Basically you can do this yourself from your member account as we only allow one party at a time and it will reserve your time (not more than once a week). Open Swim parties are limited to 40 guests, if you would like more than 40 guests you should consider a private rental.  Rentals can be request after 9pm (until midnight) or on Saturday and Sunday mornings before we open.  Given that rentals affect staffing and we don’t want too many in a week you must request a rental using this form and the manager will let you know if it is approved for the date you requested.

Guest PolicyKSTC allows owners to bring occasional guests for a fee. Please tell the staff if you are expecting guests and notify them how the guest fee will be paid.  All guests register at the front desk by signing the guest book, and it is the responsibility of the owner to ensure guests follow all rules. Owners will meet guests at the front desk.  No guests will be allowed in the facility unless the owner is present, and all guests must leave when the owner they are with leaves.
An occasional guest, as defined by KSTC, is one that visits no more than 3 times a month.
Guest Fees (all include tax)
•$8 per person ages 3-61
•$4 per person ages 62 and over
•Free children 2 years and younger
•Punch Cards –10 visits for $75 purchased by owners

Pool Rules and Swim Safety
We want KSTC to be a fun and safe place to be for everyone.  Our pool rules aim to do this. Please review our pool here.  Lifeguards are the final authority on pool rules.  They may feel that something is unsafe due to the number of people in the pool, that we might allow at other times.  If you do not understand the interpretation of the rule please discuss with the lead guard or manager on duty and do not distract the lifeguards on the stand.  Arguing with or harassing a staff member is grounds to be removed from the facility for the day.
Another important safety piece is the deep end swim test for children 10 and under.  Your child 10 and under must pass a swim test to swim in the deep end.  Your child will be asked to swim down and back across the shallow end.  Once they pass this test this information will be added to your check in page.  Lifeguards reserve the right to ask an older child who looks like they are struggling in the deep end to pass this test or not go into the deep end.
Only coast guard approved flotation devices are allowed for those who cannot swim.  Additionally someone 14+ must be in the water within arms reach  of anyone in a flotation device.  Owners are responsible for communicating these and all pool rules to their guest.

Everyone will receive a couple more emails about swim and tennis teams please just skip them if they don’t apply to you.  Once registration is complete these emails will go to team members only.  Registration can be found under activities and teams for both of these teams and water polo will be up shortly.

Thank you for reading to the end and we look forward to seeing you at the pool.

Alison Duxbury-Shadwick
President, KSTC