The club rules are defined by the KSTC board.

Their purpose is to ensure that those at the club have a safe and enjoyable experience.  It is important for owners, lessees, and their guests to understand that KSTC is a shared, community owned, facility.  With a reasonable amount of respect and courtesy, we can all enjoy our time with family and friends at KSTC.

For the purpose of these rules:

  1. The term owner is defined to include both KSTC owners and those that have leased an ownership.
  2. Facilities is defined as the area contained within the fenced perimeter including all buildings, swimming pool, tennis courts grass and cement within the grounds of KSTC.
  3. Grounds is defined as the area contained by the outer property lines of KSTC as set by the City of Kent.
  1. The Club manager has authority over the activities of all owners and guests within the KSTC grounds.  This includes the authority to deny admittance, or remove owners/guests from the grounds.
  2. Owners and their guests must obey KSTC staff. KSTC Staff has the authority to deny admittance and restrict access to the pool and tennis courts:
  3. KSTC staff has the right to restrict minors and their guests from using the facility without owner supervision.
  4. KSTC is not responsible for any injuries to owners or their guests.
  5. KSTC is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.