How To Own or Lease

Use of the Kent Swim and Tennis Club facilities is limited to owners and those who lease for the season from an owner.  To become an Owner you must purchase directly from a current owner. Price is determined by current owner, not by KSTC.

Not sure if you are ready to become an owner?  Many families will lease from an owner for a season to determine how much they will enjoy/use the club.  You may only lease one season.

Our Buy/Sell/Lease List provides contact information for available ownerships.

About the buying/leasing process:

  • Ownership and lease prices are determined by negotiations between the owner and purchaser/leaser.  KSTC does not set, nor have any say, in pricing.
    • KSTC does have a $250 transfer fee for sales
    • KSTC does have a $125 transfer fee for leases
  • When an agreement has been reached, the owner must notify the Membership Chairperson of the proposed transaction.
  • The Membership Chair must be contacted before any money or paperwork changes hands.  Failing to notify the Membership Chair of your intent to sell or lease will delay the processing of the transaction.
  • The Membership Chair will then submit the proposed transaction to the KSTC board for approval.  Per the KSTC bylaws, all transactions must be approved by the board. 
  • When the transaction has been approved by the board, the Membership Chair will notify the owner.
  • The purchaser and owner will then complete the appropriate paperwork.  Completed paperwork and the KSTC fee must be mailed to the PO Box listed at the top of the paperwork.
  • The new owner/leaser can enjoy the summer after all paperwork/payment has reached our bookkeeper and the membership chair has completed the transfer.


Keep in mind that each owner negotiates their own price and terms for the sale/lease of the ownership with prospective buyer/lessee.

The Membership Chair must be contacted before any money or paperwork changes hands or is mailed into the PO Box. Failing to notify the Membership Chair of your intent to sell or lease will delay the processing of the transaction.


Please keep in mind that per KSTC bylaws there are specific protocols for leasing and selling your ownership in KSTC. Following the protocols will assure a smooth transfer of your ownership.

To be added to the list(s) email your name, best contact phone number and best email address to Your name will then be placed on the list(s) below. You should not exchange paperwork or money until you have received confirmation of KSTC Board approval.


Please keep in mind that you may NOT share an ownership or lease in KSTC with another family under any circumstance. You can refer to our bylaws for clear definitions of who may be included on each lease or ownership in KSTC.

Members are defined as a spouse, registered domestic partner, child, or dependent as defined below:

1. Child is defined as By blood or adoption, foster child, sibling or step siblings under 24 years of age residing at the same principal residence of the active member for more than 1/2 year. (Exceptions will be made for parents that are divorced or separated of if there is a permanent disability as defined under the US Tax Code.)

2. Registered Domestic Partner is defined as: A legal relationship between two individuals who live together and share a common domestic life but are neither joined by marriage or civil union and is registered with the State of Washington Department of Licensing.

3. A dependent is defined as: a household member, related by blood or immediate family member as defined by the US Tax Code.

Member Name Phone Email Selling Leasing
Andrea Baudo 253-277-0246 YES YES
Catherine Peter 253-740-9277 YES
Cris/Terry McCartin 253-854-6209 YES YES
Cristina McHugh 253-653-5656 YES YES
Danya Daly 206-683-5535 YES YES
Darlene Anderton 253-539-3884 YES YES
David Kramer 206 491 2500 YES YES
David/Brittany Johnson 206-397-9342 YES YES
Dawn Marie Campbell 253-250-6886 YES YES
Dwight/Cheryl Perry YES YES
Erika/Jeff Hanger 425-766-2114 YES YES
HaiYan Zhang / Daquan Zhao 206-200-6908 YES YES
Ingrid McLendon 253-854-9910 YES YES
Janet/Brian Scott 206-818-0298 YES YES
Jeff/Renee Watling 253-334-8295 YES YES
Jennifer/Glenn Lyons 832-483-7941 YES YES
Jenny Wheeler 253-335-3065 YES YES
Kellie Landry YES YES
Kim Pham 253-335-6224 YES YES
Lesley Hogan/Ed Lesnick 206-755-9563 YES YES
Lori/Scott Waight 206-714-6887 YES YES
Mark/Haru Hirota 253-813-6507 YES YES
Matt/Joanne Gonzales 206-229-4855 YES YES
Mike Shimek 206-331-0644 YES YES
Mike/Teresa Kunkel 206-255-4506 YES YES
Paul Ward 253-951-0923 YES YES
Robert/Christine Sellers 253-334-5694 YES YES
Sally Mendel 206-799-8147 YES YES
Shaun/Carrie Brobak 206-478-3921 YES YES
Stacey/Art Weichbrodt 206-795-5828 YES YES
Vanessa Hernandez 253-951-4139 YES YES
Dennis Snowden/Carol Peisley 206-387-5293 YES YES

UPDATED Mar 14, 2023

Before any money or documents are exchanged approval for the lease or sale MUST be given by the board.  If approval is not given prior to paperwork being received this will hold up the transfer.

Documents For Transactions

All documents and fees must be sent to the PO BOX


Both forms are required to be sent in together or the transaction will be delayed. The membership will not be usable by either seller or buyer until both forms are received.

$250 Transfer fee 


$125 Transfer fee