Spring Clean Up Dates

Spring is in the air! (no really, I know last week didn’t feel that way but it’s here) and that means it’s time for Owners to get a chance to help make our facility a better place.

Please check below for a list of dates and times that we have scheduled.   This year we are asking for people to sign up for general categories with detailed assignments and tasks to be assigned when you arrive.  We will do our best to ensure you get to do what you sign up for, but flexibility will be greatly appreciated as we prioritize tasks each day.  If we don’t have enough people in a critical role, you may get the opportunity for advancement to something much more fun that you signed up for.

The four general groups and tasks summary include:

Pressure washing: If you can walk or sit on it, we are gonna wash it.

PW-Pool Deck
PW-Front sidewalk & lobby entrance
PW-Upper Deck
PW-Dining Area(fire pit area)
PW-Event 73 covered area
PW-ADA Ramp & shed area
PW Tennis bleachers.
PW seating area.
PW-As needed

Facility Tasks include:

Set Up Picnic tables
Backpack blower-Parking lot & Tennis courts
Clean Deck Chairs/tables/umbrellas with soap & water
Touch up paint(#73,Lobby, Entrance)
Move Chairs to Pool deck
Clean BBQ
Install & hook up LP to BBQ
Sand and prep Hand rails on Pool Deck
Install 12×12 pavers at BBQ area
Floater-Misc task & jobs
Clean Storage area next to guard shack
Event 73: Organize Upper storage and drawers
Event 73: Clean cabinet doors & refrigerator/Freezer
Event 73: Clean members kitchen & Exterior sink

Gardening Tasks Include

Weed flower beds
Clear ground area by berm & parking Lot
Clear weeds behind fence line
Clean Flower boxes around pool deck
Spread mulch around interor beds
Spread mulch around Exterior beds
Plant trees(parking lot)
Plant flowers & bulbs
Spread Grass seed at back & side of fence

Tennis Tasks Include:

Organize Tennis shed
Set up Tennis nets/Hang Tennis Curtain
Clean debris on exterior of Tennis fence (park side)

Your hard work will be rewarded with a beautiful club that we all can enjoy, and if that is not enough for you, there is also a $75.00 Credit OR 12 Guest passes. To redeem these extra benefits you simply need to show up at your scheduled time, sign in with the attendant at the front office and sign out when your shift is up (4 hours).

If you have any questions, or suggestions for additional things you would like to see done before the pool opens please do not hesitate to send an email to facilities@kentswimandtennisclub.org.

We look forward to seeing you over the next few weekends.